With its Béthune 49 project, the housing company named HABITAT 62/59 PICARDIE has launched one of the first social housing projects under the "passive house" label in all of France and the first in the Nord Pas-de-Calais region. In order to achieve this level of energy efficiency, the two buildings with a total of 49 residential units have been designed by BCDE Architecture with inspiration from the "La Clairière" project.

Bethune 49: social housing with passive standard

With the Béthune 49 project, the social landlord HABITAT 62/59 PICARDIE is leading one of the first operations in social rental labeled passivhaus and BBC-Effinergie in France and the first in Nord Pas-de-Calais. To achieve this level of energy performance, the two buildings of 49 dwellings in total were designed by BCDE Architecture and inspired by the Clairière project. The construction started in September 2010.

For these two buildings of respectively 15 and 34 dwellings - as against 13 for the Clairière - the goal is indeed to achieve performances still rare in terms of energy saving. These include to make buildings with heating requirement under 15 kWh per m 2 per year. For this, the same innovative solutions already combined for the Clairière are applied to the two future buildings of Béthune 49. Thus, integrated in a bioclimatic architecture, the insulation by the exterior walls and ceilings of the cellar, incorporating Neopor ®will provide high performance insulation and avoid most thermal bridges. An optimal airtightness coupled with a dual flow ventilation system, will recover the heat of the extracted air and ensure the good quality of indoor air.

All this makes it a pilot project both ahead of its time and reproducible. Because it was the will of the client, to implement optimal solutions from a point of view of the cost / performance ratio, so as to show that social housing and very high energy performance are compatible.

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Thermal insulation from the outside Insulation of the cellar ceilings