How WGN Thermal Uses BASF Innovations to Win the Race to Revenue

Constructing a new facility is one of the most significant investments a company can make—but it also carries a significant risk to the bottom line. The exterior walls of a building are on the critical path to project completion and present an opportunity to gain significant efficiencies.

Through the extensive application of its tekR Structural Thermal Envelope System, WGN Thermal has helped companies throughout North America and the Caribbean accelerate revenues. Utilizing a galvanized, light-gauge steel core embedded in Neopor® graphite polystyrene (GPS) by BASF, the tekR system replaces steel stud, structural sheathing and insulation while achieving the Continuous Insulation (CI) building code requirements without additional materials, labor, and time.

WGN Thermal leverages the depth of the BASF commercial construction chemistry portfolio to help enable companies to quickly construct efficient, sustainable facilities to their exact design specifications.

Accelerate Revenues, Lower Long-Term Costs

Every day of construction represents a missed opportunity to generate revenue. WGN Thermal’s tekR Structural Thermal Envelope System allows for a much shorter construction timeline—it is five times faster to install than a conventional stud wall—accelerating revenue in the short term and reducing long term energy costs.

By incorporating Neopor GPS in the design of the tekR system, all North American building codes for R-value and Continuous Insulation (CI) are easily exceeded. The tekR system also helps earn LEED credits in several critical areas, often making a significant contribution towards LEED certification. LEED = Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design - a globally recognized symbol of sustainability achievement.

While other construction materials can lock an architect into a particular look, the tekR system allows the application of virtually any interior and exterior cladding system, from block and brick to metal skin, siding, acrylic stucco, or other systems, all of which are thermally broken from the interior of the building.

Gate Petroleum Showcases tekR Capabilities

Gate Petroleum has used WGN Thermal’s tekR Structural Thermal Envelope System exclusively in the construction of its new convenience stores since 2006.

Across the construction of these new facilities, the tekR system has increased Gate’s speed to revenue dramatically, allowing the company to complete construction of a new facility in 100 days or less. At most Gate Convenience Stores, tekR panels can be installed by a crew of five in only two shifts, clearing the way for additional trades to start their work much sooner. When compared to concrete masonry unit walls, the time savings can amount to a full month.

The tekR system’s design flexibility also slots nicely into Gate’s signature acrylic stucco and brick facility exteriors; the panels are designed for the finish to be applied directly to the BASF Neopor® GPS, saving even more time and money for Gate.

Finally, the great insulation qualities allow for reduced HVAC requirements for Gate Petroleum, leading to long-term savings on energy costs.

Proven Five-Step Process to Tailor the tekR System to Each Project

Using the tekR system streamlines the design, planning and permitting process. Architects and engineers do not need to learn a new system. tekR uses this five-step design process to answer any design and logistic questions before installation begins:

  • WGN value engineers and applies the tekR system to the project, working closely with the design team.
  • Project requirements are reviewed to provide pricing along with a detailed value proposition, including expected energy savings, scheduling benefits, and surfacing system applications.
  • After thorough detailed engineering, approval drawings are reviewed with the architect and builder.
  • A complete package for permit submittal and review is provided, along with engineering calculations as they relate to the tekR system.
  • Following approval of drawings, a delivery schedule is defined. A tekR representative is on site to train the crew on the panel installation process to assure the schedule is met.

WGN Thermal Integrates BASF Solutions

Through the course of more than 700 projects, WGN Thermal’s tekR system has proven itself to be a robust, reliable solution, integrating BASF Neopor® GPS and refined processes, which enable businesses to speed their construction process in all phases, from the design stage to installation and integration with other construction processes.

To present, WGN’s tekR system has never had a product failure or claim, a testament to the quality of both the tekR system and the BASF chemistry solutions on which it relies. WGN’s proven track record is reliable evidence of its ability to bring businesses through the construction process quickly and efficiently, establishing a clear road to revenue acceleration and ownership cost efficiency.

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