4 in 1 Protection courtesy of the following control layers:

1) Thermal Control

2) Bulk Water Control

3) Vapor Control

4) Air Control

NEOPOR ThermaPlus™

NEOPOR ThermaPlus™ was created to help builder's deliver speed of construction by combining four control layers in a single product addressing Thermal, Bulk Water, Vapor, and Air control layers. It exclusively uses BASF Neopor® GPS (Graphite Polystyrene) rigid foam in conjunction with Barricade® Wrap Plus™ WRB. This energy-efficient, cost-effective insulation system gives your customers their comfortable home for years to come.

Used In: Residential Single-Family & Multi-Family
Markets: Above Grade Walls
Applications: Air Barrier, Damp Proofing/Water Proofing, Insulation

NEOPOR ThermaPlus™ is insulation PLUS so much more.

  • Bulk Water Resistance
  • Air Penetration Reduction
  • Vapor Resistance
  • Thermal Resistance R-5.0 & R-10
  • UV Resistance for Added Durability
  • 15 PSI Compressive Strength to Meet Building Codes

Request Your Sample Today!
Request Your Sample Today!

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ICC-ES Evaluation Report 4431

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