An innovative and energy-efficient method of construction is not a privilege, as the “La Clairière project shows. As a partner in the “Le Foyer Remois” social housing company, BASF is part of a new construction project for a house with 13 low energy standard residential units at Béthény near Reims, the first passive building in French social housing.

New Building Construction to Low-Energy Standard

A thermal insulation composite system and roof insulation made of Neopor® together with triple-glazed windows retains heat in the house. In technical terms, this is complemented by a heat exchanger which uses geothermal energy for the ventilation system, and solar cells which generate energy for the hot water supply. The building, which was completed 1.5 years ago, consumes only 15 kWh of energy per square meter per year for heating, as shown by a monitoring system.

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