In Poland, the demand for energy-efficient solutions in private house building is increasing because of rising energy prices. Together with the Lipinscy Domy architectural practice and the prefabricated housing supplier Termo Organika, BASF has started the “Cieply Dom dla Ciebie” project (A warm house for you).

Heat in the home: within everyone's means

(Energy-efficient and individually designed private homes all over Poland)

Lipinscy Domy has developed a concept for an energy-efficient private residential dwelling where the wall construction is based on "Platinum Plus" elements, produced by Termo Organika from BASF's Neopor®. The energy requirement for houses using this concept is 70% below the average. Depending on the type of energy supply, the costs for improved insulation are amortized over a period of six to 13 years. To complete the program, the fourth partner, Fortis Bank, offers an attractive financing package to the private builder. The program has been a great success. With over 200 individually designed private houses to date.




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