In French, "E" stands for environment, economy, energy and equilibrium, which are the elements on which a sustainable project should be based. This is what BASF is implementing in France together with its partners by refurbishing and modernising an old villa near Paris called "Bâtiment Génération E", which consumes 50 kWh of primary energy per square meter for heating and ventilation each year, instead of 400 before.

Giving life to a new generation of buildings

The main contribution is provided by insulation made of Neopor® for the walls, the roof, the floors and the ceilings, by Styrodur® C for the insulation of the perimeter, and by gypsum wallboards containing Micronal® PCM from BASF. "Bâtiment Génération E": a generation of innovative, energy efficiency and sustainable buildings has come of age, thanks to BASF and its partners.

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Wall insulation