At Kyonggi in the Youngin region, approximately 40 km from Seoul, BASF, together with the construction company Daelim and the fuel cell manufacturer FuelCellPower, has developed a 3-liter house which is adapted to the Korean architectural style. The use of energy-efficient construction technology, high-quality insulating materials and a fuel cell system mean that it uses only three liters of fuel oil equivalent per square meter of living area a year. This reduces the energy consumption from one sixth to one seventh of the consumption of homes in the housing stock and CO2 emission by around 80%.

(The 3-liter house in Kyonggi, Korea)

Neopor® — Winning the energy award

The Korean 3-liter house is a true community project. BASF provided high-quality materials — the raw material Neopor® for manufacturing the insulation and Micronal® as a phase change material in the gypsum plaster — and the know-how from other 3-liter houses. The fuel cell system was supplied by FuelCellPower, and Daelim Industrial provided a highly efficient and energy-saving shell for the building and the construction management.

By the way: Our raw material Neopor®, used for producing insulation panels and blocks, has received an energy award in Korea, thanks to its innovative characteristics: excellent insulation performance with less raw materials.

The Korean 3-liter house is not all we are doing: BASF is also participating in other low energy projects in China, Malaysia and India.

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Insulation panels and blocks