By creating the first 3-liter home in Europe, LUWOGE has shown what is possible by using innovative materials when modernizing old buildings. The go-ahead to modernize a block of flats on Knietschstraße, in the Brunckviertel of Ludwigshafen, was given back in 1999. No-one could have foreseen at the time that the energy concept chosen for the renovation of the building erected in 1951 from the rubble of the war years would become famous beyond the city and the borders of Germany itself.

(The 3-liter home in Ludwigshafen, Germany)

Innovation when modernizing old buildings

The 3-liter house in Ludwigshafen is the result of retrofitting a building built during the 1950s, coordinated by Luwoge, BASF’s housing company. It was possible to reduce heat requirements by around 80% to 30 kWh per square meter per year by insulating the roof, external façade and basement ceiling with insulating materials made of Neopor®, a gypsum plaster containing Micronal® PCM, a controlled ventilation and venting system, and tripleglazed windows. 30 kWh equals three liters of fuel oil or three cubic meters of natural gas.

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Roof External facade Basement ceiling