LUWOGE also chooses low-energy construction for new buildings, with the “1-liter home”. Forty-six 1-liter terraced houses have been built by LUWOGE in the Brunckviertel of Ludwigshafen. Thanks to the BASF products used, these homes have an average annual heating energy requirement of only one liter of heating oil per square meter of floor space. Whereas the Energy Saving Ordinance prescribes consumption of seven liters of heating oil per year per square meter of floor space in new buildings, the new terraced houses in the Brunckdistrict consume only one liter.

Building new low energy homes

To achieve this low consumption LUWOGE combined tried-and-tested and innovative energy saving concepts: each house is packed with Neopor®, the insulating material made by BASF. The living-rooms and bedrooms have south-facing windows to let plenty of solar warmth into the houses, and that plays a considerable part in heating the rooms. To keep that heat in the house as long as possible, all the windows are triple glazed, with rare gas between the panes. A special ventilation system provides fresh air without heat loss due to opening the windows too often. In total, 85 per cent of the heat can be recovered by means of thiscontrolled ventilation and venting system. That means no radiators are needed anywhere in the house — except in the bathroom, where a radiator is provided for rapid temperature adjustment.

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