Neopor® GPS Stands for Strength

Neopor® GPS is adaptable in size, thickness, shape and density. This means you can specify the thickness you need.

Neopor GPS is versatile. It has numerous applications in building and construction, packaging, cold storage, and more. The material can be shaped or formed to the design needed. It can be wire-cut to incorporate water drainage channels or precisely manufactured for insertion into window frames.

Neopor GPS can also be shape molded with corners, bulk-water management grooves aninterlocking features "built-in" such as the interlocking features of Insulated ICF's made of Neopor GPS.

And, since Neopor GPS can be produced in any density between 0.9 to 2.0 lbs/ft3, Neopor GPS lets insulation manufacturers select the density which affords them the strength and the R-value they need.

In fact, Neopor GPS maintains its ability to slow the movement of heat energy, year after year because it sustains its R-value. Compared to polymer-based foams like extruded polystyrene that use fluorocarbons as an expansion agent and insulating gas, Neopor GPS uses air. This means Neopor GPS maintains its R-value performance at its original level and does not deteriorate over time, a phenomenon called 'Thermal Drift'.

This, and the material's other unique attributes, leads to its choice as a specified ingredient in a variety of higher efficiency insulation products and highly engineered components.