Neopor® GPS 'powers up' when it gets cold outside

Good insulation ensures a pleasant indoor climate
Thermal comfort in a room depends on two factors: the temperature of the air and the surface temperature on the insides of external walls. Insulating external walls increases the temperature of their inside surfaces, which helps create a better indoor climate. Insulation made of Neopor® GPS provides two benefits at once, because of its greater insulating perfor- mance, thinner boards achieve the same effect.

Good insulation is also essential for ensuring good hygiene indoors. Mildew can thrive in moist spots inside a house. These can result when condensation forms on cold surfaces. When walls are properly insulated with boards made of Neopor GPS, they are warm on the inside and free of thermal bridges. The risk of mildew developing is therefore much smaller than on the insides of uninsulated and cold external walls.

Professional insulation protects the house
Insulation made of Neopor GPS offers a lot of possibilities when planning new buildings and renovating existing ones. To make sure that insulation has the desired effect of keeping a building in good shape for many years — and, ideally, even increasing its value — it is absolutely essential for the work to be planned and executed by experienced experts.